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La Placeta de San Miguel Bajo

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Materiales para el estudio del español


Niveles claves

Nivel avanzado

Nivel intermedio

Nivel elemental

Nivel inicial


Interés general





Notes on Spanish Grammar


Trabajar en línea

Spanish characters on the keyboard

Usar el español en línea


Spanish Culture and Society (in English)

Spanish Cinema: dictatorship and survival, 1939-1975

Contemporary Spanish Cinema: coming out of dictatorship, 1973-now

There are Nightingales that Sing : Poems of Miguel Hernández in English translation


La Placeta de San Miguel Bajo is an open-ended collection of online resources for students and teachers of Spanish, covering a variety of levels and types of activity. Any student or teacher of Spanish is welcome to use them as they see fit.


About La Placeta de San Miguel Bajo



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